Security and privacy policy   Introduction   Elephant Bet (hereinafter referred to as “Elephant Bet”) seriously takes into account the privacy and protection of personal data provided through the registration forms submitted by users of the services (“Players”) available through the Site, available in the URL (“Site”) , drawing up this Security and Privacy Policy (“Policy”) in order to demonstrate its commitment, transparency and respect for the rules and good practices of privacy and protection of personal data provided for in the legislation in force.   Therefore, this Policy has the objective of: Describing how Elephant Bet handles the personal data of all persons related to Elephant Bet (e.g. Players, partners and users of your Site); Informing about the rights of the holders of personal data, in accordance with Regulation   In these, among other subjects, the obligations and duties imposed on operators, including those relating to the collection, recording and processing of players’ data, are identified.   Elephant Bet is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of the personal data of the Players and of the users of Elephant Bet ’s services (“Users”).   Likewise, Elephant Bet is committed to safeguard, at all times, the rights of the holders of personal data provided for in the applicable legislation.   This matter is important and we hope you read it carefully, as the access to the gaming platform available on the Site is only possible if you provide your personal data to Elephant Bet , as legally requested, and presumes the knowledge and acceptance of the conditions set forth herein.   Elephant Bet considers security to be a priority and undertakes to maintain an information security management system (ISMS), in accordance with the international normative reference ISO/IEC 27001:2013, in accordance with the legislation in force and with the applicable contractual requirements.     Key concepts: personal data, data subjects, data processing and data controller  
  Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable person shall be deemed to be identifiable, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier, for example a name, an identification number, location data, identifiers by electronic means or to one or more specific identity elements physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social nature of that natural person.    
  The personal data holders (data subjects) are the natural persons to whom the personal data relate. The holders of personal data are, in this case, the Players and Users of the services of Elephant Bet .  
  The processing of personal data consists of an operation or a set of operations carried out on personal data or on personal data sets, by automated or non-automated means, namely collection, registration, organization, structuring, preservation, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or any other form of disclosure, comparison or interconnection, limitation, erasure or destruction.  
  The data controller is the natural or legal person who determines the purposes and means of processing the personal data.   The person responsible for the processing of the personal data of Players and Users is Elephant Bet that provides the service and decides, in particular, what personal data to collect, the purposes and means of the treatment and the term of conservation of personal data.   Principles to be observed in the processing of personal data   In the treatment of the personal data of the Players and Users Elephant Bet respects, in a permanent way, the following fundamental principles:  
  1. a) Legitimacy of the Treatment: personal data will only be processed if and in the event of at least one of the following situations: (i) the data subject has given his/her consent to the processing of his or her personal data for one or more (ii) the processing is necessary for the execution of a contract in which the data subject is party, or for pre-contractual procedures at his request, (iii) the processing is necessary for the fulfilment of a legal obligation to that Elephant Bet is subject or the treatment is necessary for the defence of vital interests of the data owner or another natural person, (iv) the processing is necessary for the exercise of functions of public interest or for the exercise of the public authority of which it is invested in Elephant Bet or (v) the treatment is necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by Elephant Bet or third parties.
  1. b) Transparency: information about the processing of personal data will be provided to the respective holders, which will be transmitted in a concise, easily accessible and understandable way, using clear and simple language.
  1. c) Purpose: personal data will be processed for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and will not be further processed in a way incompatible with those purposes.
  1. d) Minimization: personal data shall be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed.
  1. e) Accuracy: Personal data must be accurate and updated whenever necessary, and our actions must be taken so that inaccurate data, taking into account the purposes for which they are processed, are erased or rectified without delay.
  1. f) Integrity and Confidentiality: personal data will be treated in a way that guarantees its security, including protection against its unauthorized or unlawful treatment and against its accidental loss, destruction or damage, by adopting technical or appropriate organizational structures.
  1. g) Conservation limitation: personal data shall be stored in such a way as to enable data subjects to be identified only for the period necessary for the purposes for which they are processed.
  1. h) Data Protection from Conception and by Default: Elephant Bet will apply, both when defining the means of processing and during the actual processing of personal data, appropriate technical and organizational measures, intended to apply effectively the principles protection of personal data.
  Personal data collected   Information provided by the Player   The Player has to provide personal data to Elephant Bet via the registration form, which will be associated with the Player’s account.   In order for you to enjoy our online gaming and betting offer through the Site, you must register as a Player on our Site through completing the form that is available online at the Site for this purpose.   Through this form, personal data such as name, date of birth, nationality, profession, residence address, country of residence, civil identification number and/or passport, tax identification number and the e-mail address, in accordance with the Legal Framework for Online Gambling and Betting. In addition to the above data, the Player will also be asked to indicate the gender and the mobile phone number, in order to improve the services provided by Elephant Bet . It is mandatory to provide all requested data so that the registration can be activated and the corresponding Player account created.   Additionally, the payment account identifiers will also be collected.   Information we collect from your use of our services – device information (such as your hardware model, operating system version, as well as information from the mobile network, including mobile number), registration and location (IP address, browser type, browser language, the date and time request and referral URL), cookies and similar technologies (see our Cookies Policy for more information on this topic).     Purpose of collecting information   In compliance with the provisions of current legislation, the personal data collected at the time of registration and access to the Site are only for the purposes arising from the use of the services provided through the Site for Elephant Bet .   In the scope of its activity, Elephant Bet collects and processes the personal data of the Players, for the following purposes:   Management of the relation and the contractual relationship with the Player; Generic provision of services (e.g., management of complaints, contacts, information or requests); Carrying out promotional activities; Conducting contests, where the processing of personal data is carried out for the purpose of managing the participation of the Player and/or User of the Place of Elephant Bet in one or more contests (whose rules are in the regulation applicable to each competition). Your data will only be kept for this purpose for the time needed to manage the contest. Sale or marketing of services, improvement and development of services and experience of use, offering personalized content; Audit and internal control actions, including, but not limited to, preventing fraud and fighting money laundering and terrorist financing, and also maintaining adequate levels of security; Definition and analysis of profiles (“profiling”), based on information related to your gaming activity. This information is analysed to identify your consumption profile, allowing you to send personalized and appropriate information to your profile. Elephant Bet uses statistical information related to the profiles of the Players to improve their offer, plan their communication and manage loyalty programs; Elaboration of statistical studies that allow us to understand how Elephant Bet can improve the level of services that it provides and products that it offers and, in this way, respond more effectively to the expectations of the users; Analysis of compliance with applicable legal and regulatory obligations; Security control: control of logical, physical accesses (to the premises of Elephant Bet ), including video surveillance.   We use the information we collect from all our services to make, maintain, protect and improve these services and to develop new services, as well as to protect our Players and Elephant Bet . We also use this information to provide personalized content to our Players.   Legal basis for the processing of personal data   Elephant Bet will only process personal data provided that one of the following grounds is verified:  
  1. a) Consent: cases in which the Player or User has given their free, specific, informed, explicit and unequivocal consent, either verbally, in writing, in person or through the completion and validation of a form or selection option. For example, Elephant Bet will treat your personal data, if you have given your consent, to record the calls you make to our call centres.
  1. b) Execution of a contract or for pre-contractual procedures: cases in which the processing of personal data is necessary for joining a service of Elephant Bet or for their respective performance or execution, for example, for the management of contacts and information or orders.
  1. c) Fulfilment of a legal obligation: cases where the processing of personal data is necessary in order for Elephant Bet to fulfil a legal obligation to which it has a bound, for example, compliance with tax obligations and response to requests from judicial authorities.
  1. d) Legitimate interest: cases where the processing of personal data is necessary so that Elephant Bet can exercise a legitimate interest of its own or of a third party, for example, improvement and development of services.
    Data controller   The entity responsible for the collection and processing of personal data is Elephant Bet .   In the scope of its activity, Elephant Bet may use third parties to provide certain services, which may imply access by these entities to the personal data of its Players.   Elephant Bet does not transfer the personal data of the Players and Users to third parties, except in cases where it proves necessary for the performance of the services they have contracted, for the performance of legal obligations to which Elephant Bet is subject, or when you have given consent to that effect.   The transmission of data to third parties is carried out in accordance with the applicable legislation on data protection and within the limits of the purposes and legal grounds defined in this Policy.   Elephant Bet may share personal data with the following entities:  
  1. a) Service providers that provide services Elephant Bet (for example, providers of information technology services);
  1. b) Partner entities of Elephant Bet , in cases in which you have given your consent for this purpose;
  1. c) Public authorities, in the fulfilment of legal obligations
  The obligations of Elephant Bet resulting from this Security and Privacy Policy, including the obligation of secrecy, are extended to all its employees and subcontractors, regardless of the nature of their relationship, which continues after the termination of their duties.   For the purpose of validating and processing the personal data collected, Elephant Bet is legally obliged to verify its authenticity with the competent entities, and may request documents to the Players in case the verification was not possible by that means.   Rights of the data subject   As the holder of the personal data, you have the following rights:  
  1. a) Right of access and information: you have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether your personal data are handled by Elephant Bet , as well as the right to access such data and to obtain information about the treatment thereof, including the purposes of the processing, the recipients or categories of recipients of the data and their storage periods. You are also entitled to obtain a copy of the personal data processed.
  1. b) Right of rectification: you have the right to request rectification of personal data that is not accurate, as well as the right to request that data that are not complete are duly completed.
  1. c) Right to request the limitation of the processing of your personal data: in certain situations, you have the right to request for the treatment of your personal data to be limited. This will happen, for example, in cases where you dispute the accuracy of your personal data, for a period that allows Elephant Bet to verify its accuracy, or in cases where you have objected to the processing of your data, until it is verified the interests of Elephant Bet prevail over yours.
  Limitation of treatment may result in complete suspension of treatment or limitation of treatment to certain categories of data or treatment purposes.  
  1. e) Right to portability of personal data: in cases where (i) the treatment is based on your consent or the execution of a contract you have entered into with Elephant Bet and (ii) the processing is performed by automated means, you have the right to receive the personal data that concerns you and that you have provided to Elephant Bet , in a structured format, in current use and automatic reading, as well as the right to transmit it to another controller.
  In such cases, you also have the right to request Elephant Bet to transfer this data to another party responsible for the treatment, as long as this is technically possible.  
  1. f) Right to withdraw your consent: you have the right to withdraw the consent you have provided for the treatment of your data at any time. If you withdraw your consent, your personal data will no longer be processed unless there is a legal basis that requires such processing.
  1. g) Right to object to the processing of your personal data: in certain situations, especially when the treatment is based on the legitimate interests of Elephant Bet , you have the right to object to such treatment, for reasons related to your particular situation.
  When you object to the processing of your data, Elephant Bet will cease such treatment, unless there are compelling and legitimate reasons for such treatment that prevail over your interests, rights and freedoms, or that personal data are required for the purpose of declaration, exercise or defence of a right in a judicial proceeding.   Where personal data are processed for the purpose of direct marketing, which includes the definition of profiles related to such marketing, you may oppose such processing at any time.  
  1. h) Right not to be subject to any automated individual decision: you have the right not to be subject to any automated individual decision, i.e. taken solely on the basis of automated processing, including profiling, that have legal effect or that significantly affect you in a similar way.
  Individual automated decisions may be taken if such decisions (i) are necessary to enter into or enforce a contract between the data subject, (ii) are authorized by legislation to which Elephant Bet is subject or (iii) are based on the explicit consent.   Elephant Bet does not adopt automated individual decisions, that is, with legal effects or similar significant impacts. In cases where it adopts individual automated decisions, Elephant Bet applies appropriate measures to safeguard its rights, freedoms and legitimate interests, ensuring at least the right to obtain human intervention by Elephant Bet , to express your point of view and to challenge the decision.  
  1. i) Right to file a complaint: right to file a complaint with Elephant Bet or with the Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados (National Data Protection Commission), which is the competent control authority in Portugal.
  Exercise of rights by the the data subjects   The exercise of the rights by the holders has no costs, unless the requests presented by a data subject are manifestly unfounded or excessive, in particular because of their repetitive nature, in which case Elephant Bet may demand the payment of a reasonable fee, taking into account of the administrative costs of providing the information or communication, or of taking the requested action, or may refuse to comply with the request.   The information will be provided in writing, but may be provided orally, if the data subject so requests, and if Elephant Bet has reasonable doubts as to the identity of the natural person who submits the request, Elephant Bet may request him or her to provide the information necessary to confirm the identity of the holder of the personal data.   Should you wish to rectify or eliminate them, you may do so by contacting Elephant Bet by using the means available on the Site.   Period for the preservation of personal data   All data related to the business of online gaming carried out in the Site will be kept for a period not less than 10 years.     Technical and organizational measures   In order to guarantee the confidentiality and security of the data, Elephant Bet adopted and implemented sufficient and adequate technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of the personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access, and any other form of unlawful treatment, as well as the necessary and adequate measures to ensure the accuracy, integrity and confidentiality of personal data and a level of technical and organizational security appropriate to the risks inherent in the processing and nature of personal data.   All data and information entered through the Site are encrypted in accordance with best practices available. In order to ensure the proper and effective use of cryptography to protect the confidentiality, authenticity and/or integrity of the information, a policy and related procedures for the use of cryptographic controls, as well as for the use and protection of cryptographic keys throughout their entire life cycle, have been developed and implemented.   Updates to Security and Privacy Policy   Elephant Bet may at any time change this Policy, considering that such changes come into effect as of the date of their communication to Players and Users.