The premier betting house of Angola

Because you can't just go to any platform to have a rewarding betting experience, Elephant Bet gives you everything you need. A perfect combination of a large betting range, tempting promotions, up for grabs bonuses, reliable payment methods and a user-friendly platform!

Are you new to the world of online gambling or already a seasoned player? The first sport book/betting house in Angola has all the offers that will push you to the next level.

Bonuses and promotions to enjoy

Welcome bonus, first, second and third bonuses await you at Elephant Bet. The platform pampers you with bonus and promotion, like cash out and free bet black Friday. All of this to discover on our website!

The reference for sports betting in Angola

AngoBet, AngoFoot: these names are no longer to be introduced to fans of casino games and sports betting in Angola. Indeed, AngoBet is the pioneer of the Angolan sports betting business. Launched by the Mota Tavares & Barros group, the platform was created in 2013. It appeals to gaming enthusiasts with its range of products for all types of players.

In 2017, AngoBet had a new look and was known under the brand AngoFoot. In order not to limit itself to the sports betting field and to expand to other markets, the platform adopted in 2020 another name, which is Elephant Bet.

The premier betting house of Angola: a deserved qualification

Dynamism, fair competition and the joy of playing are among the values of Elephant Bet, the pioneer of betting houses in Angola. But above all it is a credible platform with efficient services, where you can play with confidence, responsibility and full awareness. In terms of computer safety, the platform has a high level of security to prevent fraud. This allows you to bet in a serene way on a reliable website.

When to play on the premier betting house of Angola?

Premier League, Europa League, Champions League... Don't miss the chance to win bets on these major tournaments on the platform. These famous matches are an opportunity to make your analysis and win the big prizes. The state of the teams, their history and the overall standings are among the clues to exploit.

Single bet? Combined bet? System bet? It's up to you to choose the offers that make you comfortable and maximize your chances of winning. You can also bet on lesser-known games with higher odds. For a more exciting game on a trusted platform, live betting is available on the website.

What is waiting for you on Elephant Bet?

On Elephant Bet, the premier of Angolan betting, there are sections for all tastes. Team sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, baseball and many others have their place there. You can also bet on ski jumping, boxing and other individual sports. On the website you can discover horse betting and virtual betting. Fan of casino gambling? Elephant Bet proposes card games, slot machines, live casinos and so forth.

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